80 people die from choking in Australia every year

Choking is the second biggest cause of death in aged care

11% of child deaths under 8 is attributed to choking



Choking occurs when a foreign object or food becomes lodged in the throat, blocking the passage of air to the lungs.

Common causes of choking include allergic reactions and small objects causing obstruction such as food and small toy parts.


Someone who is choking

How you assist someone who is choking will depend on whether they’re experiencing mild choking or severe choking. Both forms require immediate medical action.

If someone around you is experiencing mild choking, encourage them to cough hard, and advise them to bend down – this will help to dislodge any object blocking their airway.

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What to do if someone is choking

This situation isn’t as uncommon as people think… you’re sitting at the dinner table with your family, and suddenly a loved one begins to choke. They’re trying to clear their throat, but nothing seems to be working. In a moment like this, it’s difficult not to panic – especially if you don’t have the training...
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